Domestic first diesel magnetized booster filter

2014-12-22 00:00

After installing a diesel supercharged filter magnetizer, the fuel saving rate of the vehicle reaches 10% to 15%, and the fuel saving rate of the fishing boat exceeds 10% to 20%. This enhances the power of the engine, reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle during operation, and achieves the best effect of energy conservation and efficiency enhancement.

The Boneng people have two most prized technical patents, one is the ice free "living" preservation patent technology, and the other is the diesel supercharged filter magnetizer energy-saving technology. It is understood that this domestically initiated and internationally leading energy-saving patented technology has significant fuel saving effects, with a fuel saving rate of over 10%.

Committed to energy and oil conservation exploration

Wang Bin, General Manager of Boneng Technology, said that since 2007, energy conservation and emission reduction work has risen to national strategic goals. How to save energy, fuel, and emissions has become a primary issue that China must study, solve, and overcome.

He said that many enterprises are now operating because vehicles consume too much fuel and energy, increasing their operating costs, and also causing huge economic losses and waste of fuel to enterprises. "At present, whether in the country or in our province, there are still traditional and chemical fuel saving methods that have not fundamentally solved the energy consumption problem of diesel series vehicles and generator sets."

Boneng Technology has launched a beneficial exploration into the technical bottleneck of how to effectively reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles (ships) and diesel generator plants, and ultimately successfully developed energy-saving technology for diesel magnetized booster filters.

According to reports, this technology product is the first in China and internationally leading, with significant oil saving effects, with an oil saving rate of over 10%. It is worth mentioning that in March 2012, the company was selected as the first batch of energy-saving service companies in Hainan (real estate) province.

Magnetization filtration is a technical highlight

Cai Qiang, chief engineer of Boneng Technology, introduced to reporters that magnetization filtration is the core of the technology. According to the performance, characteristics, and structural characteristics of a diesel engine (unit), this technology uses magnetization filtration to change the filtering path and molecular structure of diesel fuel, allowing the diesel fuel molecules to undergo magnetization and produce fission, and then enter the internal combustion engine through motor pressure and speed increase and oil inlet pipe to achieve complete combustion.

When the fuel flows through the "Diesel Booster Magnetization Filter" product, a high intensity magnetic field is formed under the action of the N and S poles opposite each other. Under the action of the flow of fuel through a wavy channel, a mixed flow is formed and physical changes occur, causing the large fraction ions of the fuel hydrocarbon cluster to rapidly split into active small fraction ions. Under the action of multiple alternating strong magnetic fields, the instantaneous physical release of the state of fuel molecular clustering has changed the molecular structure of the fuel, and the combustion rate of the fuel in this state has increased by 20% to 30% when it enters combustion. Effectively ensuring the power and explosive power requirements of internal combustion engines, achieving the goal of both fuel saving and environmental protection.

Energy saving effect highlights technical advantages

Due to the use of magnetization (physical phenomenon) filtration, pressurization, and energy saving technology by Boneng Technology, it has successfully changed the commonly used chemical additives (chemical phenomenon) oil saving technology in the current market.

A research and development expert from Boneng Technology told reporters that magnetization filtration pressurization energy-saving technology is a long-term and effective energy-saving and oil saving technology, while chemical additives are a temporary energy-saving and oil saving technology, which cannot bring long-term energy saving to enterprises. The energy-saving and oil saving effects are not obvious, and cannot fundamentally solve the energy-saving problems that have plagued enterprises for a long time.

After enterprises install and use this energy-saving product, the more vehicles (ships) they drive, the higher their fuel saving rate.

According to the company's experimental summary data, this product is installed on vehicles (ships) and diesel generator sets, and its fuel saving rate can generally reach between 10% and 20%. Installed on a 130-ton fishing boat (see the energy-saving case certificate), the fishing boat can operate for 200 nautical miles back and forth, with a maximum fuel saving rate of 22.5%. "If the installation of fuel economizers for 6000 medium-sized or above fishing boats in Hainan Province is completed in the next five years, it is expected to generate sales revenue of 120 million yuan, achieve sales profit of 30 million yuan, and increase tax revenue by 1.68 million yuan." The company leader said that the economic benefits of this technology are very significant.

It can be predicted that the energy-saving technology of diesel magnetized supercharger filter, once widely promoted and applied, will play a positive role in promoting the energy conservation and emission reduction work of the entire marine fishery and transportation industry in Hainan, have certain significance for the sustainable development of Hainan's social economy, alleviate the pressure of government energy supply tension, and stabilize the social environment.

At the same time, the environmental value of products cannot be ignored. This magnetized filtration technology product is provided by a partner and has no pollution or impact on the environment. Moreover, diesel magnetized supercharger filters are widely used, which not only can effectively and significantly save energy development, but also have extremely important and far-reaching significance in promoting the virtuous cycle and protection of the ecosystem.

Due to the use of magnetic filtration technology products to produce high-purity diesel fuel, combustion is completely cut to the bottom, and also reduces carbon dioxide emissions, reducing atmospheric pollution.