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The first domestic magnetic diesel boost filter

Issuing time:2021-06-08 15:14

Install diesel filter magnetizer, vehicle fuel saving rate of 10% - 15%, the fishing boat fuel saving rate up to 10% - 20%, enhancing the power of the engine, reduce fuel consumption of the vehicle running, achieved the best results of energy saving and efficiency increasing.
Boneng people have the two most cited that the patent technology of the house, is a patented technology of non ice "in vivo" fresh, another is the diesel filter magnetizer energy-saving technology. It is understood, the domestic initiative, energy-saving patent technology leading international obvious fuel saving effect, oil saving rate reached more than 10%.
Committed to energy saving oil exploration
Brilliant technology general manager Wang Bin said, since 2007, energy-saving emission reduction work has risen to national strategic objectives. How to energy saving, saving, emission reduction, has become China's current must be one of the main problems to study and solve, overcome.
He said, now a lot of enterprises in business, are due to the vehicle fuel consumption, energy consumption is too large, increase business operating costs, but also caused huge economic losses and fuel waste to the enterprise. "At present, whether in the country, or in our province, saving still stay in traditional chemical principle, the energy problems, not solve the diesel series vehicles and generators fundamentally."
Brilliant technology on how to effectively reduce fuel consumption and vehicle (ship) diesel generator plant the technical bottleneck carried out beneficial exploration, and finally the magnetic diesel pressurization filter energy-saving technology research and development success.
According to introduction, the product technology is a national initiative, an international leader, obvious effect of oil saving, oil saving rate reached more than 10%. It is worth mentioning that, the company had in 2012 was named in March in Hainan (Lou Pan) the first batch of energy-saving Service Corporation.
Magnetized filtering is the technical highlights
Brilliant technology chief engineer Cai Qiang introduces to the reporter, the magnetizing filtering is the core technology. The technology according to the diesel engine (unit) performance, features, structure characteristics, using the magnetic filtering methods, molecular structure and diesel diesel filter path change, let diesel molecules through the magnetized, fission, and through the motor speed and increased pressure inlet pipe internal combustion engine in the fully burning.
When the fuel flows through the "diesel magnetization filter" products, in the N and S poles of the relative role, become the high strength of the magnetic field. The fuel in the waveform channel flow under the effect of formation mixed to produce a physical change, make the fuel group divided into ions rapidly fission as active small ions, in a number of alternating strong magnetic effect, physical presence instant lift fuel molecular group of state, change the molecular structure of the fuel, the fuel into the combustion state the burning rate increased 20%-30%. The effective guarantee of the internal combustion engine power and power demand, namely fuel-efficient and reached the purpose of environmental protection.
Energy saving effect is prominent technical advantage
The brilliant technology is used in the magnetization (physical phenomena) filter pressurized energy-saving technology, successfully changed the common chemical additives currently on the market (chemical phenomena) fuel saving technology.
An expert on the development of science and technology of the Bo told reporters that the magnetizing filtering pressurized energy-saving technology is a long-term and effective energy saving, oil saving technologies and chemical additives is a temporary energy saving, oil saving technologies can not bring long-term energy saving for the enterprise, energy saving, oil saving effect is not apparent, can not fundamentally solve the long-term plagued the energy-saving problem of the enterprise.
While the enterprises to use the energy-saving products, vehicle (ship) traveling more, the fuel saving rate is higher.
According to the company the experimental summary data, the product is installed in the vehicle (ship) and diesel generating set, the fuel saving rate in general can reach 10%-20% between. Installed in 130 tons of fishing vessels (see examples of energy savings certificates), fishing boats back and forth 200 sea fishing, oil saving rate reached 22.5%, "if in the future five years in Hainan province completed 6000 more than a medium-sized fishing boat fuel economizer installed, its generation is expected to reach sales of 120000000 yuan, is expected to realize sales profit of 3 million yuan, can increase the revenue of 1680000 yuan." The company responsible person said, the economic benefit is very considerable.
Can foreknow, magnetic diesel pressurization filter and energy-saving technology, was once widely popularization and application, to the whole of Hainan Marine Fisheries and the transport sector energy-saving emission reduction work play a positive role in promoting the sustainable development of social economy in Hainan, the certain significance, to ease the tight supply of government pressure energy, the stable social environment has a positive side.
At the same time, the product value of environmental protection can not be ignored. The magnetic filter technology products, by the partners provide products, no pollution and impact on the environment, but also widely used magnetic diesel pressurization filter not only can effectively, save a lot of energy development, but also has its important and profound significance to promote the benign ecological circulation and protection.
Due to the use of the product the magnetizing filtering technology is born of high purity diesel, completely cut combustion bottom, also reduce carbon dioxide emissions, to reduce air pollution.

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