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Faucet filter how to choose purchase common misunderstandings of tap water filter

Issuing time:2021-06-08 15:09

The expert points out, 88% of the world's diseases are caused by unsafe drinking water, sanitation facilities deficiency. Out of the water tap, despite water disinfection to do security, but in the process of transmission, often easy to breed two pollution. The so-called two pollution, refers to the water through the water after treatment, produced in the water pollution during transportation, mainly some aging water disinfection by-products appearance of rust and other impurities and water plant after chlorine preparation. In order to avoid and reduce pollution two, developed countries such as Japan and American family, simple filtering device can use -- a movable filter tap. So we usually in the purchase of tap water filter must pay attention to what, what are the mistakes we see together choose common tap water filter.
Misunderstanding one: the more the better product filter.
The filter element is not the more the better, some low-end water purification products, motionless on the four or five element, but by simple filtration material, the filtration effect may be better than a high performance filter strong. Xiaobian recommended, a last filter drinking water, as far as possible to use disposable filter, can avoid the pollution two.
Misunderstanding two: see a sign only does not consider the professional.
Many well-known brand belongs to operating a variety of home appliances business, their goal is to meet the low end market demand of ordinary life, water purification equipment, general can only produce low-end. The household water especially drinking water and its complexity is in need of professional R & D team, so we try to choose a professional enterprise do water purification water purification equipment brand, will have good security not only technical quality, but also will provide you with a more professional service.
Misunderstanding three: activated carbon filtration technology are out of date.
Not so, activated carbon filtration and adsorption material nature is the best. Almost all of the water purifier, all want to use activated carbon. If you do not use activated carbon, no matter how high filtration accuracy claims, water taste can discount. The activated carbon granular, powder and active carbon rod three, the former two kinds of low cost, but the filtering is often not completely, the latter is more secure choice, can do 100% completely filter.
Misunderstanding four: filter can be used for a long time does not change.
In fact, the filter will jam is a good filter, it also shows that the water purifier is effective. On the market claim to filter 3~5 years without change, often exaggerated. Don't pursue cheap. Water purifier in domestic is still in pursuit of high quality of life needs of people, generally speaking, the effect of high prices will be relatively better. In addition, the high quality filter element and net content would be better, prices will go up. But the overall count down or cost-effective.

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