Company Profile
Lanxi Shengying Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a filter manufacturer that integrates design, sales, production, and processing. It specializes in providing chemical fiber manufacturers such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, vinylon, non-woven fabrics, and spandex with required filter screen components and solution filters. Its product specifications reach more than 300 types, including non-woven equipment filters, filter elements, and chemical fiber spinning machine filter components. The company has professional production technology, advanced production processes, excellent manufacturing equipment, and perfect testing methods. In order to meet the needs of different users, it continuously develops and improves product technology and quality. Strong technical strength, advanced management concepts, and excellent corporate culture have laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of Shengying Intelligent. Shengying, which strives for excellence through innovation, has won widespread praise in the industry with its high-quality products and excellent services, and has established a good corporate reputation and brand image. Shengying's core values are technology oriented and market oriented. Looking forward to the future, we will still maintain an efficient and enterprising, practical and true corporate style, continue to write a new chapter in development, and create new brilliance together!
Custom On Demand
Initiate inquiry and communicate with customer service determine requirements
Factory Quotation
Evaluate samples, calculate costs, and provide quotations
Design Drawings
Confirm dimensions, configuration details, and construction period
Place An Order For Production
Order placement, production quality inspection, and shipment
Transaction Completion
Successfully received the goods, completed the transaction, and after-sales service